All types of commercial projects (administration buildings, trade shows, hotels, hospitals, commercial malls)

And all kinds of residential projects (residential villas - residential buildings - residential complexes - residential towers)
  1. Architectural plans
    (The general location and the slopes of all roles in addition to the interfaces with elements of finishing and sector and door and window tables) and explained the levels and elevations and detailed measurements.
  2. Construction charts
     (Bases and foundations, ceilings, columns and bridges)
  3. Sanitary schemes
  4. HVAC schemes
  5. Electrical schemes
  6. Low current schemes
  7. Extracting the building permit

yes , it does

1- The form or e-mail is sent to us so that we can study the applications and then submit our financial offer to the customer by e-mail.
2. In the event that the financial offer is suitable for the client and within the budget allocated for the design, then the communication with the office to determine the date of signing the contract.
3 - After the signing of the contract ،The design phase begins.

A picture of the land ownership deed , A copy of the civil status card , A copy of the original survey report prepared by a surveyor office

The cost of the design is determined by several factors including the size of the project, the services required and the duration of the project delivery



The duration varies according to the requirements and size of the project 


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